Antilla: The Crowning Glory of Corruption


What you see above is one of the most expensive real estate structures in the world. This is Antilla, the billion dollar building. Apparently the owner of the building Mukesh Ambani spend over 4000 crore rupees on the building. The building has everything that one would want, including swimming pools and theatres, and who knows what lies hidden in the heights of the  building. But the problem is that the building looks ugly. There is no doubt about that. Period. It looks like there was a competition for designing ugliest structures and this one won hands down.

The design of the building is such that it taunts you, “I am ugly so what, see how much my owner is able to spend on me! Doesn’t matter what you say!!” This exactly represents the behaviour of the Ambani’s over the decades that they have come to power. They just don’t care, if you don’t like them. They still will get it there way.

Antilla for all its hype and expenditure, is everything that is wrong with India. Corporate houses don’t break the rules, they make the rules. It so appears that various Department in Government work for them, protecting their interests, rather than that of public or of government. This is so much clear in the loot of natural resources that is happening throughout the country. Then babus, politicians make the corporates “Untouchables”. And then the corporates out of this churning of make monstrosities like Antilla and they are proud about it.



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