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Cost of environment

Former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha on Tuesday blamed Congress leader and union minister Jairam Ramesh as being “singularly responsible for shaving off 2.5% of the GDP” by not giving environmental clearance to projects during his stint as the environment minister, … Continue reading

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एक होती चिमणी..

एक होती चिमणी. पण तिला घरटे नव्हते. एकटीच होती ती. तिला कोणीच खेळायला पण नव्हते. एकटीच ती तर सगळं जग फिरायला निघालेली. रोज जेवढे जमेल तेवढे दुर जायचे, अाणि रात्र झाली की झोपायचे. दुसऱ्या दिवशी सकाळ झाली की भुर्र उडुन … Continue reading

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Flamingos are a genus of migratory birds which come to India in the summer. The classification is as given under [from Wikipedia]: Kingdom : Animalia Phylum : Chordata Class : Aves Order: Phoenicopteriformes [Furbringer, 1888] Family : Phoeniconteridae [Bonaparte, 1831] … Continue reading

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