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After Nehru…

Longish quotes from London Review of Books from After Nehru by Perry Anderson To be impressive, however, is not to be miraculous, as Indians and others still regularly describe the political system that crystallised after independence. There was never anything … Continue reading

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Gadkari Newspeak

“It’s not important how much money has been earned. It’s important how it has been put to use, whether it has been put to good use or not.” via Indian Express. Nitin Gadkari , the incumbent BJP president, is in … Continue reading

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बेशरम सुरेश कलमाडी

यावेळी कलमाडींच्या चेह-यावर आपण काही मोठे कर्तुत्व करून आलो आहोत आणि जमलेले लोक आपल्या स्वागतासाठीच आले आहेत असा भाव होता. via Maharashtra Times. आता काय म्हणायचे?

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Prejudice and Pride

Pride and Prejudice As a part of the graduate courses we had to do a few presentations. During the course on sociology of education I reviewed a book Prejudice and Pride by Krishna Kumar. When I was first told about … Continue reading

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