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The Checkpoint

We choose between competing alternatives when we believe there is a difference that renders one preferable to the other. We pick between alternatives when we are indifferent to the distinctions between them. via The Checkpoint | Boston Review.

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A self referential post for others

This post is for those who are reading this :Post! When you read this post, you will know it is meant for you! You can fool all people for some time. You can fool some people for all the time. … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Snare…

They chatter with one man,Look at another with amorous gestures;And in their minds think of yet another,Who then is loved by a woman? From: Bhartrihari [7th Century] When you read these lines, the immediate thing that you want to do … Continue reading

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Humans as Fermions

Humans as Fermions * The Fermions   Fermions are one set of fundamental particles and the other one are  bosons. The distinguishing factor between bosons and fermions is  that the fermions have half integral spins, whereas the boson have  integral … Continue reading

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The Dialogue

Purity Oh I am so pure. Don’t touch me! Why? Because you will pollute me. Who, me? Yes, you. But, how can I? You will, somehow. Is that so? Yes. Okay, then go away. No, I don’t want to. Why? … Continue reading

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Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development

Moral DevelopmentIn this article the Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development is discussed. Kohlberg’s theory is a direct continuation of the Piaget’s work on the same issues. Kohlberg’s methodology, and why he considers structure more important than content are discussed. The key … Continue reading

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