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A Woman’s Snare…

They chatter with one man,Look at another with amorous gestures;And in their minds think of yet another,Who then is loved by a woman? From: Bhartrihari [7th Century] When you read these lines, the immediate thing that you want to do … Continue reading

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Anonymous Stranger

Last month I has a strange experience with a anonymous stranger.I call the person anonymous is because the identity of that person is not known to me. I received a SMS which has some riddle like lines..This led to an … Continue reading

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Love, but know not why

Love, but know not why Love not me for comely grace,For my pleasing eye or face,Nor for any outward part;No, nor for my constant heart:For those may fail or turn ill, —So thou and I shall sever. Keep therefore a … Continue reading

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The Sick Rose

O Rose, thou art sick!The invisible wormThat flies in the night,In the howling storm, Has found out thy bedOf crimson joy:And his dark secret loveDoes thy life destroy. —William Blake This poem is a part of William Blake’s Songs of … Continue reading

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ती बसस्टॅाप समोर ऊभी होती. सोबत एक मैत्रीणपण होती. अाता ती सोबतची कोण मैत्रीण अाहे की नाही, हे मला कस कळल. म्हणजे मी  काही तिला जाऊन वैगरे विचारले नाही की ” अापण दोघी मैत्रीणी अाहात काय ?” म्हणुन. तेवढी अापली … Continue reading

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Three Femmes

That day three remarkable events happened. All of them involved females. The first one I call strange attractor. In the morning I was supposed to go at the RTO, for the test of the permanent driving license. When we were … Continue reading

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Khuda Ke Liye [In the Name of God]

Much I had heard about the movie Khuda Ke Liye [खुदा के लिए] by Shohaib Mansoor, before I went to see it. The chance I had to see it in the month before did not materialise. I was all set … Continue reading

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