Are you alive and kicking?

The message read “Hope ur alive and kicking. Havent been seeing u around. Tc”

What is this supposed to mean? I don’t know. I think I will ask the sender of the this message what it is supposed to mean? But whom is the message for? If it is for him, it is too late. For he died a few days back; somebody killed him in cold blood. Why the Tc [I hope it means take care…] for, when there are other mental retards to take care of [apologies to the real retards]?

Anyways I am sick of this…

Trying to be responsible to people who are not for you… Who only want so part of you which is beneficial for them… They do not accept the package deal, so I have decided to do the same… But I got a bit more far…. I reject the deal completely….

This will save me from a lot of trouble, though it may cause some trouble to others…

But why should be I bothered? Why do I have to take responsibility where I have none?

Maybe people should learn…

Maybe I should learn; not to trust them at all …

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