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Review of Laal Kaptaan

Recently I saw the movie Laal Kaptaan (लाल कप्तान, literal translation Red Captain). Though I had seen the trailer when it was released sometime back this year, I did not see the movie. The visuals in the trailer were quite … Continue reading

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Latex Tufte class in org-mode

Edward Tufte is known for graphical excellence in his famous books. Some enthusiasts combined his design principles into LaTeX and you have the tufte-book and tufte-handout classes for excellence in typesetting. This has support for sidenotes, margin figures, full width … Continue reading

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Topological Art

ILLUSTRATIONS FOR TOPOLOGY From the book Introduction to Topology by Yu. Borisovich, N. Bliznyakov, Ya. Izrailevich, T. Fomenko. The book was published by Mir Publishers in 1985. ILLUSTRATION TO CHAPTER I The central part of the picture presents the standard … Continue reading

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Using Inkscape in Batch Mode

Recently I had to make and print a lot of certificates, each with different names and affiliations. There are programs in the Office environment which do this. They are called as Mail Merge, primarily being used for sending mass mails … Continue reading

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Che: Alive…

Usually the graffiti on the walls of Mumbai are eyesores. But this one somewhere in Fort was a pleasure to see…

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Some thing from this book needs no title…

I love the artist or scholar whose activity is like the bee pursuing the delicious nectar of the flowers. The bee has no mind to become a renowned authority on which flowers contain the best nectar; the bee simply loves … Continue reading

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Heaven and Hell

Circle Limit IVHeaven and Hell by M C Escher Yesterday I have put up Escher’s Circle Limit IV – Heaven and Hell on my new desk. The Circle Limit series of drawings was drawn by Escher are essentially what are … Continue reading

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Kala Ghoda …

Yesterday in the evening went to Kala Ghoda – The art festival – in the art district of Mumbai.. Did not have much cash to buy any thing…. But any way went there… The atmosphere was charged, people all around … Continue reading

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