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What is in thy name?

They say “What is in the name?”, I ask “What is in thy name?” I use the alias damitr in many places. It is actually an acronym for my full name. My name among its various meanings also means something … Continue reading

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I need a new bookshelf!

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Computers in Teaching and Learning

The question of whether a computer should be used in teaching and learning, is no more interesting than the question whether a book should be used for reading. The interesting question is of how to use the computer to teach … Continue reading

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Caffeine is the source of new ideas. – Anon (in Fortune) My day starts with a cup of coffee, and this cup mostly fulfils my daily requirement for caffeine. Long gone are the days of instant coffee and now I … Continue reading

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Fantom and Damitr

Fantom and Damitr Continue reading

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Tent has arrived

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Devil in disguise or a naughty angel?

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Truth about life…

What is the reality in life? You don’t know, I wonder who does. But the fact remains that nobody dies virgin, everyone gets fucked up in their lives. Be it a saint or a sinner everyone is fucked up. But … Continue reading

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