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Politics and future

“When politics decides your future, decide what your politics must be.” via Tehelka

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Indians at Olympics

… and perhaps for the first time, the Indian badminton contingent will not be travelling as tourists to the Olympics. via Firstpost. I also sincerely hope so.

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Cram, don’t think

The message from 15 years of education in my country – first at a top-notch school and then at one of the best known colleges in India – was: Facts are more important than thought and imagination; that it’s more … Continue reading

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Love or Lust?

My predecessors believed only good people fall in love and bad people have sex. This was the simple thing — falling in love is the aspiration that should be endorsed and having sex is something that should be outlawed. The … Continue reading

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Irony at its best!

The President (well there is only one President, the President of US of A, rest others are just presidents) said, “In our global economy, we can’t just have a few leaders of the most advanced economies making decisions that touch … Continue reading

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… तर मराठी शाळा बंद पडतील

मैदाने आहेत , पण क्रीडा साहित्य नाही .. प्रयोगशाळेत प्रयोगाचे साहित्य नाही .. तुटके बेंच आणि गळकी छपरे .. अशा दारुण स्थितीत असलेल्या मराठी शाळांना संजीवनी मिळावी , यासाठी वेतनेतर अनुदान तातडीने सुरु करावे , अशी मागणी राज्य शिक्षक परिषदेने … Continue reading

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Steely Saina

“It was a very, very, very tough match, perhaps the most difficult of my career. I was so drained up that I could not control my tears after getting the match point. Both of us played really hard and we … Continue reading

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Indian culture…

“The Indian culture is very different, it’s not a team culture. They lack leaders in the team because they are not trained to be leaders. From an early age, their parents make all decisions, their schoolteachers make their decisions, their … Continue reading

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Transparency Revolution

To quote A K Antony on the current state of affairs in the nation. “Our country is passing through a transparency revolution. Walls of secrecy are crumbling gradually. But politicians, bureaucracy, judiciary, business people, armed forces, and journalists are still … Continue reading

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Gift of Love and Mayawati

ITAT had accepted Mayawati’s claim that immovable property worth Rs 62.72 lakh and cash payments of Rs 2 lakh were gifts given by her supporters out of love and affection. via Delhi high court says ‘gift of love’ to Mayawati … Continue reading

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